The best app to manage your clients and organize your work

Designed for salesmen, contractors, freelancers and anyone managing clients! Remember client details, plan visits on the map, store important paper documents, keep track of the stuff you've already done with your clients and plan future activities

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Client details

Adding a new client is easy and straightforward, insert only the fields you need (even just the name). You can add custom fields if the default ones are not enough


Your clients are displayed on the integrated Google Map. You can also get street directions to your next client while driving

Notes and reminders

Each client has its own event log, a place where to write small notes, events, reminders, everything you may need to remember and record

Filters and categories

You can assign categories and zones to your clients and filter them by geographical area. You can search for client name, sort them by priority and other parameters

Everything else

Note categories, report, import clients from phone contacts and CSV file, export, database backup and restore, syncronization with other devices, online web version, UI also designed for tablet
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